Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yuck . . .

I am in such a horrible mood I cannot stand myself. I think I need to knit more. . .
The fur floating around on the floors of my house is killing me. If I clean the floor this morning (which isn’t going to happen), they are covered in hair by evening. DD2 vacuumed the furniture in the living room yesterday and it looks almost like new. So tonight, I think we are shaving the cats; hopefully they will look like this in the morning-

But I think they will get more of their heads and paws shaved if we can.

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Anonymous said...

I was eating my morning cereal while I was reading your post. My cat was harassing me to get the milk in my bowl. I showed her this picture to scare her away!! I wish it would have worked! haha

I hope you have a better day today!

How is Di doing? My old boy seems to pant a lot more now and even when it isn't hot and he is just walking. It is so sad to watch them get old.