Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dogs on Thursday, Blather

Since today is Thursday, that means I have to discuss my gluttonous bitch Di. She has started refusing to take her medicine! This is not a good thing as she needs it to be able to breathe, she takes 8 pills in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, and 6 at night; she used to take them right off the spoon as long as there was peanut butter around it and she acted like it was a treat. Now when she sees me at the medicine cabinet, she turns and slinks away to either go upstairs and hide or into DD2’s bedroom where I try not to go. We have tried everything, hiding it in her food, shoving it down her throat, using pill pockets (this one is expensive and she takes way too many pills for it to work and it did not fool her one pit) and even tried getting her to chew up the chewables. I have had to resort to McDonald’s a place I rarely go. I can mix the chewables in with her food and she eats so fast that she doesn’t realize she is eating them, and that takes care of three of her pills. The rest I hide in a piece of the plain old Micky D’s hamburger and she will take that. Before you say anything, I know that this is not a healthy diet for her, but at this point we are trying to make her comfortable so she can breathe, and she is also on Pepcid AC to calm her stomach so getting the meds into her are more important than her diet. The problem with this is that we have had to change her feeding schedule all around so she eats when she needs her meds, and we have to cut way down on the food so she will gobble it up (not that that has ever been much of a problem, hence the nickname gluttonous bitch or GB). My daughters are both say that she is telling me that it is time, but I do not think so yet, but. . .

I had to go for more PT today and when we were through, she told me to be a couch potato with an ice pack for the rest of the day. I told her that sitting on the couch means knitting and she laughed at me and said no knitting. This is killing me. And of course, I received my new yarn from the Mean Girls Yarn club today and my fingers are itching. Do you think that winding the yarn in prep for knitting will qualify as using the arm???

Have a great day and forgive the major typos, the nasty thumb brace sucks!


Sadie said...

Have you tried cheese, lunch meat, or hot dogs? Those usually all work for the doggie pill debacles around here. (((Georgi and Di)))

rita said...

Awwwww, poor Di. Zippy is really good about eating everything but the pill, including licking all food OFF of the pill, but he loves butter and will eat anything to get it. I don't even smush the pill to hide it anymore, just stick it on the butter. I always tell him he's getting a treat and he's more than thrilled to take it from me!

You'll know when Di is ready. She'll definitely tell you.