Friday, August 21, 2009

Chatter and Friday Fillins

Remember back here when I discussed furry cats and shaving them?? Well, I have decided it is easier to live with furry floors. We did shave Jack, but DD1 who is living in Georgia was the one who used to be in charge of shaving and was much better at it than DD2 and I, we did not get nearly as much hair off and we were very messy about it. Jack loves being without the hair, though he is not so fond of the process; he always gets more hugs, loves and pets once he is shaved because his fur is so thick and he has dandruff.

KnittySue recently had a contest that involved showing the contestants work space or table with all the paraphernalia that is kept in the area. It was fun to go and look at everyone’s work area, some of them had lotttttttts of stuff and it made me wonder how pets were kept out of the stuff. My cats are very nosy and if I leave anything out they will deliberately knock it on the floor and tear it up. Everyone else must have pets with better manners.

Guess What, I got to knit last night for 3 whole rows! Yeah!!!!! Project Runway started last night and I watched and knit. Maybe someday I will get to knit a whole project?!

1. I remember, I remember how to knit and when television was mostly black and white.
2. Dear Dear Daughters, I want you to know that you are both wonderful women.
3. Is that my pair of leggings on your legs!!???
4. I'm trying to resist the temptation of walking out the door of the office and deciding not to work for the next week.
5. I'm saving a hug just for you!
6. If I made a birthday list all of my pretend friends would definitely be on it!!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to working late and then vegging, tomorrow my plans include working, and doing 4 rows of knitting and Sunday, I want to veg, but will be preparing the house for company!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

It's about time to shave our cat to.Hugs Darcy

Timiae said...

Wrong on everyone else having better behaved pets! I let the Yorkies out this morning then went back to bed. Bad idea... Gabby went through my purse and destroyed all things paper, including my gas money for the week.

Yay for knitting! Just keep following doctor's orders and you'll be back to "real" knitting in no time.

Liz said...

You really should update your blog more often...I have checked every day since Friday and no update??? And don't you give me some lame excuse like you are working 16 hours a day; 6 days a week....

love you,