Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am in a much better mood today, even though it has rained already today and I am working. It is much nicer to work from home than going into the office, at the office I have to wear clothes and when working from home I can work in a T-shirt and undies, much more comfortable.

I go into the Wee Tiny Sock club for autumn, very cool. There were only 8 spots left when I got in. I wonder how the knitting will go?????I have noticed my arm is feeling better, but now the back of my hand is hurting, the therapist says it is compensating for not using my thumb as much and too much work. Well, unfortunately, work is a necessity in my life (how about you?) so that will continue and I guess as long as it is hurting I know I am alive. :-)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Will you be knitting really tiny socks? or socks for tiny people?

I haven't been in any swaps lately. I think I need to find a dishcloth swap somewhere. Do you know of any?

rita said...

I am so ready to retire. Forever. And start living life. (I've been back at work for all of 9 days.)