Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gluttonous Bitch

My Di, with all of her medical problems, is a gluttonous bitch. We have a gate on our kitchen (anchored into the wall) that is closed every time we leave the area, or the house. We do this because she and Jack (the male cat) used to work in tandem to open the pantry and get out treats for themselves. We would come home and find the pantry empty and very sick animals. One time she ate several huge Hershey candy bars and we ran her to the vet, they wanted to keep her on an IV for the day, and I was fine with that, but they called me back to come and pick her up within an hour as she was so upset and it was making her heart murmur worse. They said she is better off throwing up at home with me, than be panicked because I am not there. Anyway, that explains why we have a gate on our kitchen, such a fine fashion statement.

We left to go get a pedicure Thursday afternoon, and DD2 had just woken up, I don’t think she was thinking really clearly.:-). I watched her close the gate and heard the latch click, but.. . .

When we got home from the pedicure and errands a couple of hours later, she was sitting by the backdoor (when Di is sitting at the back door when we come home, we know she has been verrry baaaad) and the gate was hanging open. Things looked fine; there was a graham cracker box on the floor from the recycling bin, and a plastic container that we thought held cookies.

Di started vomiting about two or three hours later. She vomited downstairs, on the main level, upstairs, and outside. She was so sick, all she did was lie in my bed and moan and fart (hellacious farts). As we were cleaning up the sick, we realized that the gluttonous bitch ate 7 large muffins, 3 blueberry and 4 cranberry orange. This was after she ate her entire dinner. At first I felt sorry for her, thinking it was part of her heart condition and once I realized what she had done, I was furious, but the poor thing was sooooo sick, what could I do?? So we continued to clean up sick through the next day and it was verrry obnoxious!

Yes, I love my dog, even if she is a glutton! And poor DD2 gets to clean the carpet this week. lolol

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trek said...

I'd've barfed it all back if I'd downed all that, too.