Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We just had our second hailstorm in less than 24 hours, and it is positively cool (70) outside. I am sitting under the sky light in the loft watching the hail hit the window (glass, plastic, Plexiglas??) wondering how hard the hail has to be before it breaks the window. It feels like we are heading into autumn already, that does not bode well for the winter. Everyone seems to be suffering from the heat right now, but us. I guess I will send you all some of our snow come October. :-)

I listen to recorded books a lot, and I have a subscription to Audible, where I can download books and listen from the computer or I-Pod. I love this as it keeps me entertained when I could possibly be bored with sitting still and I am not stuck watching mind numbing television. I am perturbed that I downloaded “Born in Ice” by Nora Roberts; her books are entertaining and easy to listen to when doing other things. The reader/narrator sucks big time! You cannot tell what character is speaking, as he never changes his voice. I am going to complain; even though it is the first time I have been disappointed with anything from Audible.

I feel like I have become a boring blogger since I cannot knit, it is very irritating. . .

Have a good day (or what's left of it)


rita said...

That's why I haven't listened to many books on cd. If the reading voice isn't right, then I don't want it!

Timiae said...

I'll gladly take some of your snow. Here in middle Georgia, we don't get much.

I haven't tried audio books because I'm afraid I'll be more interested in what I'm doing at the same time and miss out of the story. I may have to give it a try sometime.

trek said...

Seventy degrees?! Positively frigid! ;o)