Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arm, Help, WOW

I finally did it! I made a doctor’s appointment for my arm and kept it. lolol I hate going to the doctor, I always feel like I am whining about something, and know there is someone worse off than me. The orthopedic office I went to is one that cares for a lot of the sports stars in the area, so I was a little intimidated; but they were great! I saw the doctor, she manipulated my hand and arm, I has x-rays, and started physical therapy all in the same visit, how cool is that?? BTW, have any of you had x-rays recently? The system this office uses is digital and they post to the dr’s computer immediately with no films being involved at all; it was a great process to watch (I haven’t had x-rays since 1995 so it was all new to me.)

Anyway, after all of the pushing and prodding, my arm hurts, but they think I have tendonitis in my wrist and elbow that is aggravating the carpal (as if it weren’t aggravating enough); this means I have to go to physical therapy two mornings a week for the next three weeks. Then at that point the doctor will re-evaluate the whole mess. But I am also supposed to rest my arm and thumb as much as possible, which I do not see happening at this time of year (end of the federal fiscal year) since I start working Saturdays this week. And I was knitting in the office while I was waiting on the doctor, she just laughed, and said to stop knitting for a few weeks.

Help please
I need to get some stitch markers to have on hand for some swaps I am in. Can anyone recommend a good Etsy shop for them?? I hate doing the search thing, yes I know I am lazy, but I also like using other people's recommendations for shopping on line.

Here is a picture of my Devil Cat helping me play cards with DD2. Isn’t her glare loverly?


trek said...

If you send me your snail mail address, I can send you a few. I've got more stitch markers here than an army of knitters could lose in a millenium.

PS - Sorry about the arm. Believe me, I know what you're going through.

morgaine24 said...

vbarton24.etsy.com is my store for stitch markers ill sell them for 3.00 a set for you free shipping

rita said...

Weeones on etsy makes beautiful markers from polymer clay. My favorites are her dogs--you can send a photo of your dog and she'll make markers.