Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

And now for another sad version of Dogs on Thursday, with a funny. Di is not doing well, DD2 took her to her vet appointment today, and we are now injecting furosemide into her. We are trying this for 4 days, and then she goes back on the pills. There is nothing more than can be done, there is one treatment they can try, however they do not think it will work and it is verrry expensive. The vet she saw today told my daughter that once a Dalmatian develops heart issues, they are normally very resistant to any of the medications that are available. We still have to trick into giving her the huge number of pills she takes every day, but she is very sly. Last night I was giving Lola her hormone, and Di told me she wanted some, so I got her a spoon of peanut butter, before she would take though, she sniffed the spoon to make sure there were not any pills in it. Lolol

She has discovered that the tomatoes bushes are good things, I put her outside the other night and she walked to each bush to eat the tomatoes, and she is very picky, she normally will only take the ripe ones. Needless to say, DD2 and I are not seeing many of the wonderful vine ripened tomatoes.

I am a team captain for Dish Rag Tag, and I cannot wait to get started. I always have a good time with that. We are trying to think up a team name now, and I am so bad at that. I wish I were more imaginative and original.

Have a great day!


trek said...

I played in the original Dish Rag Tag. Our box was lost by the post office - and we had been in 2nd place!

Sorry about your dog.

Timiae said...

Cherish everyday you have left with your Di. I lost my 17 yo mutt girl Wednesday and I still can't believe that she's gone. I got her when I was 9 so we grew up together. Be thankful for the time you have with Di and don't take a single second for granted.