Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day, Contests and Chatter

Happy Veteran’s Day. Please try to thank a veteran for the service they have provided to our country.

I think I screwed up my day off this week, you know, the federal holiday. I thought I checked the calendar and it showed Monday as the federal holiday for Veterans Day, though it really is today. But I seem to be the only one working today. What a stupid mistake, and why would the federal calendar say it was Monday instead of Tuesday? What a fruitcake!

Here is a picture of the scarf I have been working on (very slowly), it is soft and warm and I think my friend will like it.

Here are a couple of contests-

The blog We Do Not Have A Knitting Problem is having a contest on how to keep their blog interesting while they are beavering away on their Christmas knitting and post your favorite blog to read. Go here to enter.

Calana Crafts is having a contest and all you have to do is guess what she is knitting for a picture that is posted on the contest post. Can't be much easier than that.

And the final contest link is for an advance copy of Knit Two, the sequel to the Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. It is on Stephanie’s blog, Stephanie’s Written Word and all you have to do is post, plus if you link to your blog you will get another entry. Go here to enter.

I will be announcing my contest tomorrow, and I hope there are a lot of entries as it is a way to eliminate some of my boredom :-)


smariek said...

I'm confused too. Today is Veteran's Day, yet DD got yesterday off from day care. So I did not expect to get mail delivery yesterday either, so it surprised me when the mailman shoved mail through the slot.

Your scarf looks perfect for knitting in front of the TV.

Anonymous said...

I think your scarf looks lovely so far!

Thanks for the contest links!

Timiae said...

The scarf is so pretty! Orange is a great color... I think it gets overlooked too often.

Beverly said...

You know, I have a contest that doesn't end until next friday (which happens to be my 50th birthday!!

I'm giving away two boxes of workhorse yarns (at least a dozen skeins each!) from my vast yarn stash. Folks can enter until Friday, November 28!