Saturday, November 8, 2008

This and That

This is kind of a bullet post, but a lot of the bullets are questions (some are rhetorical but most are not).
• First, thank you to all of you who left wonderful comments regarding the Dogs on Thursday post. I know that my baby is enjoying the life she has left and I appreciate all of your kindness. BTW, I did take the sleeping pill and could sleep that night :-).
• Why do bloggers put music on their blogs? I normally blog to a book I am listening to or to my family in the background, then this annoying song will come on and make me quickly close the blog I am reading. Of course some of the blogs have great music, but some of it is s*%t and I normally try to not go back to that blog, music is such a personal thing. Just my personal gripe.
• I have decided that blogging every day just to post something, is like reading a book that is stupid just to read (silly books that aren’t worth picking up). Though that statement brings up the thought- Is any book too stupid to read? I know that the “experts” say reading anything is better than nothing, but. . .
• Knitting is sometimes a pain in the butt when you are working on something you don’t like. I wonder, should I just keep knitting or should I stop and frog? At what point when you are knitting something, do you decide that you are going to frog the whole thing?
• I want to have a contest and I have definitely decided to have a contest just because I want to have one :-), now I am trying to decide what kind of yarn to give away, but look for it in the very near future.
Have a great Saturday!


Anne said...

The music thing annoys me some, mostly because it tends to scare the crap out of me! lol

As to continuing or frogging.. It depends on the project for me. There are some things I want to make/finish SO MUCH for someone that I'll keep going even though I'm cursing the silly yarn and needles half the time I'm knitting!

Sue said...

I just turn the sound off on my computer so I don't have to hear the music.

Anonymous said...

I don't like music on websites/blogs either - it always startles me so badly that I close out of the window!

Timiae said...

I agree completely about music on blogs... even if the music is Ok I find it sooo annoying and it usually scares me to death and I quickly close the window to get rid of the music.

I usually knit even though I hate it. Depends on how far I'm into the project before I start hating it, who it's going to and why, and how badly I want the FO. If I'm too far in, I finish it and through it in the back of the closet, never to be seen again (if it's for me). I can't bear to frog something I've put so much work into.