Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knitting and Work

Christmas Knitting, hmmmm. I am so impressed when I see all the knitting going on at other blogs. However. . . Even though I am not the fastest knitter in the world, it is going very slowly for me. Could it be the startitis I have going on?? I have yet to finish anything, though I am beavering away at it whenever I can. Maybe it is this ugly report I have been working on for work, it is huge and all the data has to be checked manually (which sucks big time). The applications involved are cumbersome and the whole thing has taken over my life. Moreover, I am tired, bone tired (though I am hoping that goes away when I finish the ugly report).

Anyway, I hope all of your knitting is going smoothly, and that you have a great day!


Turtle said...

work does not sound like fun at all...and it seems to be draining you! (not good) relax, grab a cuppa and stick in a good chick flick next break you get and pick up your sticks...order in so you can get some you time! (i know, easier said than done. take care)

katerina said...

My knitting goes in spurts - sometime I fly through projects, other times they seem to take FOREEEVER!! For example, the EZ Feb. baby sweater - everyone else said it went so fast - for me, it felt like it took forever!
Maybe it has something to do with the blocks of time actually spent knitting vs, the time inbetween knitting.. hmm..

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Turtle - pop in your favorite movie (recently mine is going between the Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Way We Were, and Van Helsing... I know, quite a selection, right? lol) and knit away. I was surprised at how much I could get done while watching a good movie!

Ohh... another good one is The Wedding Date... ::gets up, puts in a movie and curls up with knitting::

Timiae said...

I'm usually the same when it comes to gift knitting, but have actually done a good job this year with only one more thing to finish (and I'm getting tired of it... not a good sign). I think I'm doing so well this year because I'm too poor this time around to buy gifts that I don't finish!

Beverly said...

I love Turtle..she comes to play on my blog sometimes!
Life is too short to do ugly reports.