Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am very tired, but the report is done! I finished it at 3:45 this afternoon, just in time to get it signed off on and forwarded to the demanding department. Now I am almost too tired to breathe and I am cranky and irritable. I yelled at my dog, and am too lazy to switch the laundry. BUT I will be knitting tomorrow, even if I have to call in sick!


Timiae said...

I vote for taking a day off! It's good for you to do it from time to time. I'll about playing hookie when I'm really tired and tired of work/school.

katerina said...

Congrats on getting the report done and I second the vote for taking the day off - sleep in and then knit-n-nap! One of my favorite pastimes - it always helps if there's a bit of chocolate involved too ;)

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs a break sometime! I'm thinking about playing hookie myself today... : )