Monday, November 10, 2008

Frugality and An Okay Monday

Have you noticed the proliferation of blogs about being frugal? I know that times are really tough, and people are hanging on by their fingernails, but while I was feeling crappy yesterday I was reading a lot of other blogs and I found so many dealing with frugality, saving, and doing more with less. Today I read on Marissa’s blog about saving a $1000 in a month. She listed all the ways she could save money according to the rules of saving and decided they would not work for her because she is living on an island with nowhere to spend money. Her descriptions were funny and she provides a link to the Save $1000 in a Month Challenge.

I remember a couple of months ago that Toni had her experiment where they went 90 days without spending money and I had wanted to try that, but I think that is going to have to wait until January. I am still purchasing things for the house (I usually get rid of something when I bring something new into the house, due to the size of the house) and winter clothes are going to be a necessity very soon.

Today was very gray day, the high was 47 (but it felt much colder), and it is supposed to snow tonight; but I still went out and cleaned out my front flower beds and planted new bulbs (40 tulips and 40 daffodils) for the spring. This weekend (if there is no snow on the ground) I will be doing the back flower beds. I also made a big crock pot of pasta fagilo for dinner that was great. And I also got to knit for awhile, yeah!

I hope you had a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow - 80 bulbs! That's a lot. My dad planted 60 daffodil bulbs this past weekend after church. I was surprised that he did it all under an hour. :)

Have you also noticed all of the tips on TV about how to save, too?

Timiae said...

I haven't been spending, but it's because I don't have anything to spend at the moment (I'm a poor college student). However, it has been kind of nice not buying these past 2 months or so (only getting the necessary food and filling the tank) as I've been doing some serious stashbusting and think I'll be more frugal in the future. I've also become much more appreciative of the times when I do get to eat out or go somewhere fun with DF.