Saturday, November 29, 2008

This and That

I am sorry the last couple of posts have been so lame, but this has been a very busy holiday here. I cooked a huge turkey with all the fixings that turned out well. I have been knitting children’s caps like crazy for Marilyn who needs them for Extreme Outreach. I have three done (pix tomorrow) and another one on the needles, but I want to mail them Monday so I have been rushing. If you go to her blog maker sure and wishe her a happy birthday :-)

It snowed here last night and it was so pretty, I am sure I will be tired of it by the end of January, but for now it is still a novelty to us and we are loving it. The views below are from my living room windows.

MY Diatribe-
How many of you actually went shopping this weekend? Did you participate in “Black Friday”? What is wrong with the world that people have to trample another person to get the best deal on a new toy or television? What is so important that people cannot behave in an orderly manner to purchase the item? I don’t get it. My policy is to avoid the stores on this weekend of the year; the deals will normally get better as we get nearer to Christmas, especially since Christmas is on a Thursday this year. I would think that in this year of so much economic distress people would be kinder and gentler to one another instead of trampling someone to get into a store. The season is not supposed to be for the amount and value of the gifts received but what we can give. I think this is a very sad weekend.


Timiae said...

I agree with you on the Black Friday thing. I've never done it and don't plan on ever doing it. I think many do it for the "fun," but I don't see the fun in it.

I haven't bought a single gift this year. I only really gift my immediate family and that's it and this year everything was handmade. Just don't have the funds and handmade is so much better, I think!

Turtle said...

nope, no black friday here. Well, i guess hubby and i did go to lowes about 4 pm that day long after the crowds to pick up a few new lights for the house for the holidays.

only 1 bought gift this year that was handmade. otherwise i have been making everything...and am ok on the list!! lol, gotta finish card making now to mail them. Pretty snow!

smariek said...

I avoid shopping on Black Friday, it's not worth the hassle even if they were handing out stuff for free. There seems to be a tragedy each year, it's sad how crazy people get.

Toni said...

I know--trampling a human being just to be able to buy something at a discount! I am appalled. I have never--and will never--go shopping on Black Friday.

Sue said...

My Mom and I used to always shop on the day after Thanksgiving, before it became the thing to do. It was fun back then. Now I don't leave the house. It's a day to stay in and play with the dogs.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with you there! I have no idea how people can be so selfish and greedy as to actually trample another person to death.

Although, I have to admit that I went out shopping at 6 am with my sisters. It was the first time I'd been physically well enough to go, and I had a great time! I was exhausted by the end of the day and ended up taking a 3 hours nap, but it was definitely worth it for a little quality time with my sisters. :)