Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

I am already too late for Posting every day for the month of November, National Blog Posting Month, but I guess if I start late and keep on doing it every day, it is better than nothing.

I was reading the Skipper’s blog and I love stories about living aboard a boat, though I have so much stuff I do not know if I could do it. I am still trying to fit it all into my town house and it is not working well. My office area is just about done, we are debating book cases, but I do not want to make the space too tight as it is in a loft area. My husband knows I can retire in 4 years if I want to (the benefits if sticking with low paying government jobs) but the boat is nowhere near ready for us to live on, in fact, the last time I saw it, all I could do was laugh. I told him he better get his butt in gear or I was buying a condo on a lake when I retire, then he planned a trip to Ireland for next May, which is prime boat working time.

I have a sinus infection, the air here in CO is so dry, and my nose burns when I can breathe through it (which doesn’t happen that often anyway)lololol. I don’t mind the sinus infection, it is not terrible, but it has affected my ears and balance. So I am sitting here typing feeling like I am falling out of my chair, very hard to hold on and type at the same time. I am still knitting, but it is very slow, since I have a hard time counting since I am dizzy. I have dropped all smaller projects and moved to size 13 needles for a scarf just so I can work without losing track of what I am doing.

I hope eveyone made time to vote today!

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smariek said...

Sinus infections are no fun. I do hope you feel better sooner. Go see a doctor if things don't improve.

Blogging every day would be a challenge for me. I wish you lots of luck!