Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knitting and WOW

I gave J his scarf last night, aka The Darn scarf, and he put it on and wrapped it around his neck a zillion times. It was the perfect size for him and looks as though it will keep him warm. I am back to working on the scarf for DD1’s boyfriend. I dug out my Knitpicks number 11 needles and things are moving right along.

I am now tired of scarves and want to start a pair of fingerless gloves that have a sort of flip top for DD1, though who knows how long they will take me to finish. Nevertheless, I need to make a scarf for DD2 and me, as the cold weather here is not finished, even if it is supposed to be 63 today, so I am not yet through with scarves (but they sure can be boring). I cannot decide on a pattern for my alpaca (and no one has suggested one yet, hint, hint.)

My kitties are lying on my bed soaking up the sun (and filing my bed with cat hair) as I type. They always act so innocent during the day, however by night they are evil creatures, kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I have a permanent Goodwill box in my loft that we add stuff to as we come across more stuff and it is currently half-full. Well, last night the “Evil Three” decided they needed to go through it to make sure I was not throwing anything of theirs out, so the little buggers tipped it over and spread the stuff all over the loft. There were sheets in the box and they have them all unfolded and nasty looking, so I will be washing them before they go to Goodwill. I wonder what makes cats so curious (nosy) that they want to go through a box like that, they have toys and things to play with, but they still have more fun tearing up things they are not supposed to get into. The “Evil Three” manage to get into something every single night.

I hope everyone is having a great and productive day.


Aunt Kathy said...

The evil three, lol... always something wiuth curious cats around, lol

smariek said...

Happy to hear the scarf was well received. He sounds like the perfect candidate for a Doctor Who scarf. Now that's a LONG scarf, lol.

I'm taking a break from scarves too. I just learned how to knit socks! Looks like I've found a new addiction.

LilChickadee said...

If the alpaca is worsted-weight and the scarf is for you or your daughter, how about the December is for Stephanie scarf pattern? It's lacy and might be a nice variation.

trek said...

Sixty-three?! I might be tempted to all sorts of things if I could be somewhere where the weather is 63°F!