Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Contest and a Hawk

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As you know, we have a small, 7lb. Chihuahua we call Lola (and Loopy). When I put her outside I always stay out with her due to the possibility of hawks and foxes. The lady who sold us this place warned me that she had had both in her yard when she put her dog out. Because of this I stay out with her (or at least keep her within eye sight, after all it is a very tiny backyard) no matter how many rock she has to sniff. Well, evidently my lazy ass daughter (aka DD2) is not so diligent, even though she knew that predators were a possibility in our fenced yard. This morning
she put Lola outside and came into the house to take care of business. When she got back out, there was a hawk sitting in the tree eyeing the dog. This of course meant that she had to come screaming into the house to wake me up and tell me that she wanted a gun kept by the door. I told her she was crazy, all she had to do was stay out there with her, and that killing hawks was against the law. She is now going to get a BB gun (that she is paying for) to scare the hawks off with, but in my mind it is just as easy to stand there. Isn't it funny how adult (she is 23) children can sometimes be as crazy as when they were small children? At what age do they grow up enough to be able to say, "I'm done!" Do you think that will ever happen?


Sue said...

Maybe when she has her own children?

When Bentley was a puppy we had to stand guard, too. There were several hawks in the area and he was only two and a half pounds. I saw a hawk circling him one day and never let him get far from me after that.

With Lucy we had to watch for our neighborhood owl at night. I carried a flashlight when I let her out and talked or sang to scare him away.

Aunt Kathy said...

I never knew hawks preyed on dogs. Glad nothing happened...

LilChickadee said...

For a moment there I thought you were going to say the hawk got to the dog while your daughter was in the house. So glad that didn't happen!

We've always had hawks circle our yard, but this past week there's been a heron visiting our creek.

Timiae said...

Our neighbor has had a few puppies get taken off and we've seen many small pets at the vet that were taken off, attacked, dropped, etc. (I'm a tech). People don't think it can/will happen, but it does!