Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knitting Issues and DOT

I have been working on a scarf in Elann Highland Chunky off and on for a couple of months, using a knit 5 purl 5 to get a different texture. It is now 55 inches long without blocking, and I just ran out of yarn. I have used 3 balls of the yarn and cannot believe that it is not longer, it would be great if I was making it for me, cause I am short, but it is for a man who is 6’3”, so it is way tooooooo short for him. The only thing I can think of doing is calling Elann
in the morning and hoping that they have some more in the same dye lot (though I am not holding my breath). I guess I could frog the entire thing and make it narrower, 55 inches is a lot of knitting, but that is what I will be doing if Elann does not have more of the yarn available. So now my question to everyone is, what would you do in the same situation? I like the way it looks and it will keep J warm, but. . . . Please let me know what you think the ideal solution is. The color is not as boring as it looks in these pictures, but indoors at night is not the ideal situation for picture taking.
In my last post I asked how people got things completed so quickly and Darcy told me (and Aunt Kathy agreed with her), “The secret to knitting a hat in one night is to sit for 6 hours doing nothing but knitting while your 2 toddlers torture their father and trash the house and you lose all feeling in your bum and hands.” I laughed, but don’t think that would work in my case, first I don’t have any toddlers and second my bum would hurt if I sat still that long. lololol

The scarf for THE Boyfriend is going well, however the yarn is turning my bamboo needles blue. I kind of like the looks of the scarf, what do you think? BUT, how am I going to get the dye off the needles without it rubbing off onto other yarns?

And for Dogs on Thursday here is a picture of my Di all cuddled up in her blanket with her bunny rabbit, snoozing without a care in the world-
YES, I have a very spoiled dog!

I hope everything is going well for everyone!


monnibo said...

More importantly, how are you going to get the dye off your boyfriend's neck after he wears the scarf?

As for the yarn shortage, try Elann. But you could always change yarns and knit on both the active edge and the CO edge to make it like a sandwich.

Aunt Kathy said...

Technically I don't have any toddlers either (my grandson is here a lot but not everyday) and I too hurt when sitting too long, but shifting in the chair works, LOL.

As for the scarf... I'd probably rip it out and re-do if they can't match the dye lot. I think the ripples take up a little more yarn. Then again using a contrast color would work too on both sides evenly... heck I am no help at all am I?

Sue said...

Di looks very cozy.

For the scarf, I'd frog back a couple inches, find a color that goes well with it, do a couple narrow stripes, then finish in the other color. It'll look like you meant to do it that way. I did that once with an afghan and it looked great.

katerina said...

I agree with monnibo - pick a contrasting/complimentary color and knit on both ends to make it brown/grey/brown or do a shaded theme - one lighter than and one darker than the origional, and have them fade from light to dark!

for the needles, i'm stumped. I guess try knitting with some waste yarn and see if it comes off. or try some rubbing alcohol maybe? hmmm.. not sure. Good luck!

Timiae said...

Try Elann, but I wouldn't frog it if they don't have the same dye lot! I have a hard time frogging anything I've put a lot of work into, even if I don't like it.

I made DF a scarf in 2007 that was pretty short (not enough to wrap around his neck and stay that way) and he is about 6'2" (a full foot taller than me!). Anyway, he likes it that way since it looks great under a jacket (he doesn't wear scarves without one) without being too bulky. If this won't work, I like the idea of striping or sandwiching (though the color change won't be "smooth" with the purls).

I've had some color get on my bamboos and it hasn't transferred to other yarn.

Turtle said...

lol, your pup was failrly well camoflauged in the pic at first! the knitting is looking nice!

trek said...

Use those needles only for other blue, black, and purple projects until they stop changing color. How do I know this? Happened to me with pink yarn that transferred dye to my birch needles. Eventually, the needles settled into a permanent light pinkish color and I was able to use them on other stuff again - including white.