Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Darn Scarf and Contests

Thanks to everyone for the great ideas on how to fix the darn scarf that is too short, they were great; it is times like this when I realize how wonderful the blogging world and especially knitters are. I did call Elann, and just ordered some complementary colors of the same yarn, I will frog part of it and then work the stripes in. I am wondering how to do this to the beginning of the scarf though, the cast on edge, am I having a brain fart or what? I have never had to do this before, I am normally very certain I have enough yarn. And I will be again, for all future projects!

I have started another scarf, and I am trying a weird pattern that is coming to me as I knit and it is using the most awful yarn I don’t know why I am using it. But you know, I think the recipient will like it, don’t know why but. . .

Now, I have another question for everyone. I have the most wonderful alpaca that I purchased in Boulder Co from a woman who raises prize winning alpaca’s. I have 900 yards and the color is a blend of browns, grays, and cream that will go well with my new winter coat (a very impractical cream color, but very warm). So now I need a suggestion for a pattern for a scarf and /or hat. I am open to any and all suggestions, even if it takes me until next winter to complete it. I have a difficult time selecting patterns for specific yarn, so please provide any info on a scarf or hat that will be wonderful in the alpaca.

Major Knitter is having a contest for her new Ravelry Group, Finish It or Frog It in an attempt to complete or get rid of projects that we all have sitting around. Here is where you enter; she even has buttons for finishing or frogging, which are very cute.

Here is another contest at the $5 Dinner blog she has great meals, though we sometimes add a salad, just because salad is part of dinner in our house, but they taste great and save me money. She is having a contest for a Designer Lunch Tote Giveaway. They are very cute and you get to select your own tote. You can enter here.


Aunt Kathy said...

Thanks for the contest info, I entered. Those bags look great.

As for the Alpaca... I am no help, but I'd search yarns in Ravelry and see what people are making with that yarn and then go from there.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for joining and promoting Finish or Frog It Friday! Good luck with all your knitting projects.