Friday, January 2, 2009

Blather and a Contest

When DD1 was home, she was hoping for snow and wouldn’t you know it the weather was in the 40’s almost every day (except for a couple of really cold freakish days).
She was very disappointed, but I think she had a good time anyway. We went for a ride up to Breckinridge so she could see the snow and the Eisenhower Tunnel.
We also went to Red Rocks just to look around; however that is almost the extent of the sightseeing we did while she was home, since she worked me to death during the first week of her visit. Here are a few pictures from our touring

I have a question for all of you. . .DD1 has been living with her man for a couple of years now and they have purchased a home together and are quite happy. The problem is I don’t know how to refer to him when writing or talking about him. Do I just call him Numbnuts, her significant other, or what? Or I could just call him DD1’s SO. I need help here, everything is so cumbersome, he is not a boyfriend or a husband so what do I call him? I know others have to have this issue, how did you settle it? Any help is appreciated. I guess for today he is Numbnuts, just because I can.

Anyway, if you remember I started Christmas knitting back in July, when Jane scared me into it. I completed a scarf for Numbnuts as the very first thing for Christmas of 08. Then we moved. Of course, I started looking for it in December so I could wrap it and put it under the tree, but guess what. I have not been able to find it anywhere. I know that it is back with some Noro Silk Garden (20 skeins of it) that I also cannot find. This is driving me nuts and I do not know where to look now. It’s not as if I live in a 10 room house, I live in a tiny townhouse, where could I have hidden it? I am stumped and of course I am also reknitting a scarf for him. Grrrrr

DD2 received a Wii from her boyfriend for Christmas and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We have had a great time playing with it. There is an issue though, have you ever heard of Wii injuries? I have what is known as Wii elbow (or tennis elbow for those of us who are a little older than generation X). It is an old injury that I thought had disappeared forever with the last cortisone shot I received about 7 years ago, but evidently, it is back. I love the tennis game, and I figured since the controller was so small it would not be an issue, but I am now in a brace for the duration and am not supposed to play, knit or use the computer for extended periods of time to rest the area. Now how is that going to work since my job is computer based? And, if I can’t knit I will not have any excuse not to clean house, so where does that leave me? I hope the brace helps, because I do not see any of that happening.

Jane at Grammiknits is having a contest on her blog called, The Things I did Right in 2008. All you have to do is tell her what you feel you did right in 2008, very simple and fun. Some of the comments are hilarious and great fun to read. Go enter here and tell Jane what you did right in 08.


Jane said...

I hope that Numbnuts doesn't read your blog LOL. My cousin has been living with a man for at least 20 years and she calls him her 'sweetie'. My nephew is living with a girl and they have a baby and have purchased a home together - he introduces her as his wife even though they are not married. Maybe you should just ask him what he wants you to call him and if he says numbnuts- well you are all set LOL.
That is terrible about your brace -how are you supposed to use all the lovely yarn that Bob won for you?

Aunt Kathy said...

Numbnuts, LOL... sorry about the WII elbow. It could be worse, I suppose, I hope it feels better already

katerina said...

How about DD1.5 as in her 'other half' ;)
Or abbreviate it as NN or NSIL for Nearly Son In Law?
How does your daughter introduce him?
Sorry to hear about the knitting/tennis/wii elbow - hope it heals soon!

Timiae said...

Gorgeous photos. I would call him her boyfriend... if they are together but aren't engaged or married, isn't that what they are? What does she introduce him as? Maybe that's what you should use.

Oh, Wii's are such fun. DF got one recently and we're addicted.