Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am a little irritated today. Today is my telecommute day, which would have been great since it was so cold; however, I came into the office for a meeting in with a person from DC. Now it appears as though she is not going to show, though it may be due to the weather, who knows. I could be in my jammies at home taking a nap for lunch instead of sitting here snuffling. I hate it when things interrupt my telecommute day, almost as much as when they interrupt my lieu day. I am going to lunch. . . .

I am still working on the black scarf with the lace diamond chain; the yarn is not as bad as I expected it to be, so that is a good thing. I have a feeling it will take me a while to finish, just because I am tired at night lately. It is probably the time of year, dark and gloomy night is going to make a person tired sooner I guess. I am also working on the Dr Who scarf, but it is sooooo boring. DD2 is so lucky that I love her. :-)

Remember here when I complained about the warm weather (not actual complaining, that is what today’s post is for) well I should have kept quiet because yesterday’s high was 16˚ and today’s is supposed to be 23˚, it was 3˚ when I left for work this morning. Those numbers just shouldn’t be on the thermometer because it is too cold to breath. I have had to close my bedroom window finally; it is just too cold to have it open even a little bit. This morning I had on snow boots, a coat, and gloves; and I needed long johns too (and a nose cover too, my nose is burning from breathing the cold air.) My poor car is very unhappy with the morning cold.

I am done whining and complaining for now. I am going to go home, plop my butt in the chair, and knit until I fall asleep.

Have a happy and productive day!


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh i hear you on the cold... I had to go to the DR's today and yesterday someone rolled down the drivers side window in my car, and it won;t roll back up. It was mighty cold at 8:30 this morning driving.

Hope you are happily knitting now and almost asleep

Sue said...

You need to knit yourself some leg warmers. I always wore them in the winter when I lived in New York. Plus they're good stash busters.

smariek said...

Which yarn and colors did you choose for the Dr Who scarf? I've been meaning to make one, I just can't decided on yarn & colors.