Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday

Today is WOW so I have to tell you about my silly cats. All three of them have been house cats forever, but we have been using our deck a lot since the weather has warmed up. We like to go out there to play cards, eat, and chat; we've been leaving the door open so all of the animals will come out with us, the deck is on the second floor so it is quite high and we do not have to worry about the cats wandering off. Jill and Onyx are loving this, in fact, we have a hard time getting Jill (she is the solid gray or Russian blue, depending on who you ask) back in the house. Sometimes we close the door and wait for her to ask to come in. The other night, I told DD2 to make sure that Jill was in the house before she went to bed, and DD2 being her normal self, ignored me as it did not have anything to do with that silly computer game, W0W. The next morning when I got up, poor Jill was sitting at the window screaming to come in, and her face kind of looked like the picture. I have never seen anything funnier, the poor kitty was so upset. We let her in, cuddled her, fed her, and she was very happy! However the part I find the funniest is that the next night when we went out, she was right there with us, rolling around in the deck chair, soaking up the air. How many humans do you know would have gone out there again?

Have a great evening!

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