Monday, July 13, 2009


I just re-read my last post and realized that it sounded like the Grinch wrote it. He did not and I did not mean for it to sound so grinchy. I love my Di, and as long as the vets can help her have a comfortable life, I will do what I can to give it to her.

It has been very humid here, yes in the desert it is humid this year; it feels like Georgia, which really sucks. We did get a small pool Saturday and set it up in the minuscule backyard, there is enough room for us to both lay cross wise and stay cool, so it is wonderful! I was going to take a picture, but DD2 was in it and did not think a picture of her in our little pool was appropriate for posting lolol.

On the garden front, the tomato plants are doing very well, blossoming and putting out little tomatoes all over the place. The pepper plants are not doing so well, I may need to give them a bath with Epsom’s salts next weekend if they do not perk up.

I did get to knit yesterday, my blankie is almost finished and I think it is looking great, it is amazing how long it takes to accomplish anything when you are limiting how long you can do it. I also re-read the Harry Potter book The Half Blood Prince in preparation for the movie, which comes out on the 15th. We are going to the midnight showing on Tuesday, won’t I be fun to be around the next morning?!

I hope everyone has a great day!


trek said...

We are going to wait a few days or so before going in order to avoid the crowds and not have to have a midnight babysitter.

Have fun!

anareis said...
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