Monday, July 27, 2009

Meanness Makes me Sad

You know, sometimes thing occur that just bother me to no end, they stick in my mind and I cannot forget. I try to ignore it but the weirdness/unfairness/craziness/strangeness/ meanness (take your pick) just drives me nuts until I have say something to someone or I feel like I will burst. You can probably tell what I am writing about just by the adjectives, the thing that Yarn Harlot wrote about on Sunday. I have read both blogs for a long time, and enjoyed them both, one because it made me laugh out loud and I worried about the person, and Yarn Harlot, because it was chatty and fun, almost like listening to someone speaking to me.

I cannot understand how someone can take something, blow it all out of proportion, and threaten others with harm because what was said was not to her liking. If I read something I do not like. I don’t go back to that site, but I don’t remember ever threatening anyone (except for my daughters when they were out of control).

I guess I have said enough, it just makes me sad. . .


Grace said...

I totally agree meanness is terrible I only have half a story, I only know the Yarn Harlot from her blog posts and don't know who her nemisis is at all. The fact that you say you have worried about her confused me as I am not sure who you are worried about. Having been the victim of hatefulness and spite on my own blog I can feel what YH is going through

Liz said... head still hurts from being knocked against that head of

Cin said...

Mean people are my pet peeve. I find no need for people to be mean. I can't stand it when my kids at school are mean to each other either. I try to instill in them that being mean is one of the worst qualities a person can have. Mean people must be miserable in their own lives.

The kicker is, with a blog, you just don't have to read that blog if you don't like it or the person. It's that simple.

Heide said...

I went to that person's site and asked her why she continued to go there and why she had a link posted to Stephanie's blog if she didn't like her. Of course there was no response, but from what I read the woman is completely certifiably crazy. Very scary stuff.

Barb said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm right there with you. Mean begets
mean. I hope this dies down soon.