Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blather, Knitting and a Contest

You know the pool I told you about, the little one that keeps us cool in the heat of the day? This is a picutre of it without us in it, of course, because it has been cloudy and rainy for most of the weekend. As you can plainly see, once we are in there on the little floaties, there is not much movement unless we knock each other off the floaties. (And I love to do that, as long as all books are out of the way!) The only benefit of all the rain is that I did not have to water the garden, and I was able to get tomato cages on the poor plants that were beat up the other night in the hailstorm.

We went and got massages on Saturday, mine was purely therapeutic, lolol. The masseuse worked on my arm for a good portion of the hour, and then at the end she said it was time to go to the doctor and quit whimping out. I have finally agreed and will make an appointment first think Monday morning (and refuse to change it again). But I have started sleeping in the braces I have had for a zillion years and hate.

And finally, here is a picture of the endless baby blanket. Its not really endless, but working a few rows at a time make it seem that way. Contest
Marissa at Living and Knitting on a Maine Island; Welcome to Frenchboro, is having a wonderful contest. She is working wit a partner and they are giving away wonderful yarn and/or a gift card. Go here to enter and please tell her I sent you.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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trek said...

Sorry about the arm. Believe me, I understand.