Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Trip

I am in Washington DC along with half of the country who decided to bring their children here. My hotel is okay (even if it is in the middle of nowhere) it takes forever to get anywhere and the nearest Metro is as far away as work is. For as much as I hated the idea of taking this trip, it is turning out okay, and I am having a good time. I actually hailed a cab for the first time in my life the other day and thought I was way cool lolol. I am a grown woman and have never hailed a cab before, what is wrong with this picture? I am going home early tomorrow morning and then I get to pug in my laptop and start working or go into the office, hmmmmm, rough decision. . .
See you in the funny papers!

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smariek said...

Many many years ago when I was visiting a friend in the Boston area, we had some extra time and decided to go down to DC. It wasn't until we got there that we realized it was 4th of July, which explained the zoo of tourists. The fireworks was great though. Next time I went to DC, I made sure it was not 4th of July ... that made for a much better (less crazy) trip.