Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bloggers Past

Don’t you hate it when a blog you love just disappears? You get to know the blogger by reading their blog and commenting, and you read it every day. Then all of a sudden you go to the blog and it either isn't there any longer or the site has become a private site with a password required. You know the person is having issues or something happened that caused them to go away so suddenly, but you still think about them and wonder if they are okay. I think that in the past couple of months I have been missing three blogs that just went away or that a password is needed to see the blog. I hope the past bloggers are okay and know that I miss them.


Grace said...

I am with you, I miss several of my favorite blogs too----I just want to know they are okay even if they never blog again!

Renna said...

Yes, it's like reading a really good book, then getting toward the end and discovering the last chapter is missing (I remember an old M.A.S.H episode where that happened). I had one go private on me a month or so ago.

The most disturbing case I've encountered was the "Ooh Baby Knits" blog. The blog author dealt with serious health issues, then disappeared one day. Three months later, her mother posted that she'd had surgery for her condition, upon which time an inoperable malignant brain tumor was discovered, but that she was recovering nicely in a nursing home. That was two years ago, and there have been no further updates. I prayed for her for a very long time...then began to wonder if she didn't make it. She had children at home. So very, very sad. :-(

Sheesh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to type so much, but your post today made me think of her again.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I miss a blog that went away that made me smile every time I read it.I was just telling a blogging friend the other day what if something happens to you what would happen to your blog?Hugs Darcy

rita said...

One of my favorites went private a couple of months ago. I have no idea how to contact her--wait, she's on ravelry, or was. Maybe I can find her there.

It really is sad when someone disappears like that. I've gotten to know so many good people through blogs.