Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It is raining today and it is only 53, which is pretty freaking cold for June. I think it has rained almost constantly for 24 hours now, oh well, good for the plants. I am taking Di to the vet this afternoon for her peeling/cracked nose and heart issues (and I think she is way too skinny, we will see what the vet says). After that, I am going to buy Maggie Sefton’s new book, Drop Dead Stitch, get my knitting, and get in bed with Di to hide from the gloomies.

Happy knitting and reading to everyone!


rita said...

I hope that Di is okay, and that the book is good!

trek said...

If you need more reading material, I've been checking The Sisters Grimm out of the library this week. Junior books but quite entertaining.