Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nerve Test

I had the nerve induction test yesterday, and it was very cool to watch. He stuck a needle into the muscles of my arm in one portion of the test and then had me move my arm so the machine could track the echo it made. Very cool! I had so many people telling me how horrible the test was, that I was a wee bit nervous, however it did not hurt, the Dr. was very gentle and warned me before he did anything. I have had acupuncture that hurt worse. The other part of the test had little electrodes attached to my arm in different spots, and then he would shoot shocks to my arm to test the response. That hurt worse than the needle, believe it or not. The worst part of the whole thing is he used a black marker on my arm and I cannot get it all off, grrr. :-)

Have you ever noticed how people like to scare you or tell you horror stories before you go for something like that? Or how women love to tell the most awful stories to a newly pregnant woman who is already nervous? Why is that? What makes us do that to other people? I don’t believe that people are mean on purpose, but what makes them tell those awful stories to others, don’t they realize that they make the person more nervous than they were to begin with. Human nature is funny (or is that odd) isn’t it?

Unfortunately, there was no knitting last night, by the time the Dr. was through testing my arm, it ached all over. I guess he woke up the nerves who thought they had died, lolol.

Have a productive day!


smariek said...

Needles scare me. Good to hear it didn't hurt.

I think people's experiences are mostly subjective. Everyone's pain threshold is different. I think alternatively, you might have run across someone who would say the procedure is a walk in the park, while you might find that same experience excruciating. I think it depends on the person. But you are right, hearing horror stories does not help (especially if you're a nervous person like me).

vickie said...

I have had the nct test done three years ago my carpal tunnel is really bad like advanced stages. there are some days I cant even use my hands they hurt so bad Yeah it took me forever to get the little black dots off also. lol I also have a condition called martin gruber syndrome which I got from my dad he has it to the nerve in my left arm is crossed. doesnt help much to have carpal tunnel and mgs either