Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rambling and the Weather

Have you noticed how the weather has been weird almost everywhere? It is raining and cooler than normal in places that do not normally get rain at this time of year. We have been under a tornado watch/warning 3 out of the last 5 days. We had hail on Sunday afternoon, and very scary weather, I did not think the tornado was going to miss us that time. Does it make you wonder about global warming or cycles of life? I personally think of the cycles of life when I see such weird weather, I mean the Earth has been through the Ice Age a couple of times right? It is just time for it to change again imho. When people yell global warming I always think of the movie “Ice Age” lol.

We have been in Colorado for a year now, and last year it was so hot I hated it, dry yes, but hot. This year, it is raining almost every day, but fortunately, we still get sun too, so it is not as depressing as it could be. When I leave for work in the morning the sun is out, the day is bright, and the birds are singing, almost like a fairy tale. Gorgeous mornings, this is okay during the week but not so good on the weekends if I do not remember to shut the bedroom doors (skylights in the bathroom). Do you know the freaking sun is out at what I used to call O dark thirty (5am)?!! The day should not start that early, anywhere; unless of course you are a morning person, which I am not. Even on days I decide that I should be late for work, the sun will get me up if I do not shut the darn door, so I try to make sure I do.

I think I have rambled enough and I need to leave for my test soon. Have a great day!


rita said...

Our winter was a couple of degrees colder, on average, than in years past, along with every other freaking season in the last year. I think that we're probably seeing a genuine climate change that has nothing to do with carbon emissions or whatever the hell they are. It's happened before; it'll happen again.

We've had at least two weeks of Florida-type summer weather; so many big thunderstorms almost every day, with the occasional tornado thrown in. Hail. This has got to be the wettest spring on record. Cooler, too, than usual. Last June we had a week of over 100 degrees days; it's around 73 now, and overcast. Of course.

No one who knows me would ever accuse me of being a morning person!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

It has been surprisingly comfortable here in the mojave and last year it was very hot hot hot and humid.lol Darcy

Timiae said...

I definitely think it's cyclic. The earth has gone through many ice ages and many hot times. Just the way all things go! Hey, wasn't it just like 30 years ago or so that everyone was freaked out by the coming ice age (which didn't happen) and now the earth is getting too hot?

It's been very rainy here recently as well. We've been in severe drought for a few summers now, so it's good. Lately it seems like it's either raining or really hot out, so we just can't win, can we?

trek said...

Nice new look!

Our weather's been really odd, too.

smariek said...

Strange weather here too in recent years. Rain in June!

I'm not a morning person either, however I think DD (4 yrs) is working on changing this; she's such an early bird!