Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday

This is a WOW post with no pictures:-). Remember when I posted about Onyx, the devil cat and her potholders, here? I have decided that she is just bored and likes to be mean. First, the minute she sees me with the camera, she drops the potholder and runs the other way, though I have never teased her with the potholder. This means the entire world is unable to see her evil cuteness. Now, she drops the potholder on my head at least once a day, the fiend. On top of that, she has decided she likes sleeping under the covers, which is not a problem; however, occasionally she will reach out and bat at my fingers, waking me up. I am almost ready to put all animals out of my room and close the doors at night, but they would just knot at the door or meow or bark until I am forced to let them back in. Yesterday, I laid on the couch to watch the news, I had Di at my feet, Lola at my hip, and Onyx was on my neck, this would have been okay if I had a neck, but it is almost none existent, so I was choking when I woke up (yes, it turned into a little nap). When I sit, she sits on me now, and knitting or reading must be accomplished around her, it is very funny. Jack (who is a very large and furry cat) also likes to sit on me, so he stretches out and lays half on me and half off on the left side, while Onyx sits right in the middle of my chest.

Can you tell I have very spoiled babies? Nevertheless, I cannot imagine life without them . . .

Happy knitting.


Barb said...

I'm just glad there's someone else out there with cats who are spiled rotten!

Aunt Kathy said...

Why is it we allow ourselves to be controlled by the animals? Oh yeah, that's right they are man's best friends, LOL

rita said...

I don't think that we have any choice with cats--THEY do the thinking!

Lily has taken to sleeping right by my head at night. No amount of pushing will deter her. She just waits till I fall asleep and snuggles up right next to me or on my head.

I have no say.