Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Don't you love a title called blather? It is so hard for me to pick a title for these posts and blather covers it pretty well.

It snowed here last night! It is kind of funny since I entered a contest yesterday telling how I know when spring is here. lolol So of course it is very cold this morning. I guess this is what comes from bragging about our warm weather a couple of weeks ago. Shame on me. . . . not. :-)

I have forgotten to tell you about the mystery ball swap from the WhoDuKnit group. This is how Jane described it- “You take one skein of yarn, or two if it's a very small skein, and wind or re-wind it up into a ball. As you wind you add little goodies to the yarn ball. Sometimes these balls look more like lumps - but that's okay! After all of the goodies are wound into the ball, you send it off to your pal along with a mystery pattern for your pal to knit with the yarn. As she/he knits the pattern the goodies fall out. Stash yarn is fine to use. The goodies can be anything from stitch markers, row counters, cable needles, handmade items, candy, charms, buttons, stamps, stickers, jokes, to whatever.” This sounds like fun and I have been gathering goodies to add to the ball for my swapper. I ordered a couple of last minute things from Knitpicks yesterday and when that arrives I will be able to wind the yarn around the stuff. I wonder, is it bloggers who are so ingenious or is it because they are knitters or maybe both?

I still haven’t decided what to do this weekend with the additional time off, I will probably end up working in the garden, but I would love to go to the beach for a few days. This is what happens when a sudden decision is made with no plans.
Have a great day!


rita said...

I vote BEACH any day!!! You can knit, read, and sleep right there.

Aunt Kathy said...

I vote beach too. You CAN get to a beach? If I could I'd be there... it's a No brainer Georgi... BEACH BEACH BEACH lol

rita said...

I wish I could meet you at a nice, warm beach with nice, warm water and nice, cold rum and juice.....