Monday, March 16, 2009

Chatter and Manic Monday

Aren’t the daffodils gorgeous? The weather here is wonderful right now, I was able to sit on the park bench and enjoy the sun in the front yard on Sunday.

Sunday was my birthday and I got the most wonderful gift from DD1, can you see them
in the cruddy pictures. I have so many hanks of yarn that have not been touched, because I was too lazy to wind etc. Now I can get it done and use the yarn. . . I see lots of sock knitting and some lace knitting in my future, no excuses now. DD2 took me to the spa and got me a pedicure and a manicure that were wonderful, and she took me out to dinner. It was a great day!
As you can see by this mess of yarn, I have my work cut out for me :-)

I have been working on the sweater for my class; this is turning out to be the sweater that does not want to be knit. I am sure that it will not fit or there will be something wrong with it, IF it is ever finished. My first invisible cast-on looked awful, so I took it off the needles, rewound the yarn and started over. Next, the devil cat pulled off half of the stitches, so I had to gently pick all of them up, making sure they weren’t twisted and I did not miss any. Let’s see, what happened next. . Oh ya, the connecter fell apart from the cable on my Options, which took me another forever to fix, and finally, the devil cat attacked again. I am not careless when I knit, so I am wondering if it is just the Ides of March or if I am sabotaging myself. The Cashcotton is wonderful and I love the fabric that is slooooowly coming to life, but it is a big sweater for a fluffy person which means there must be lots of stitches. I tried to take a picture of it, but of course it looks really crumby, maybe I can try again tomorrow. Oh well, keep that sense of humor, its critical. lolololol

BTW- I called Knitpicks this morning and they are shipping me a new cable with correctly attached connectors ASAP. I love this company!

Are you a saver or spender? Since I am still buying yarn I must be a spender.

Do you prefer to walk around barefoot in your home? Socks? Shoes? I walk barefoot whenever I can, I hate shoes, guess that comes from spending so much time at the beach when I was young.

Do you talk to yourself? Yes, is there a problem with that? I also answer myself, which does not scare me at all.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I got my winder last year and a Swift from my oldest son for Christmas. Now winding yarn is soooo much fun!! Enjoy.......

Sandra said...

I too hate shoes and have already broken out the flip flops - event hough there are still patches of snow on the ground. Can't start too early...

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh I want a swift and ball winder, but I'd settle for just the swift. You saw my spaghetti yarn mess a few months ago. I won't touch another hank until I know how to wind it without messing it up.

Keep going on that sweater, it's gonna be such an accomplishment when you are done and you'll be so glad you stuck with it.

But the cat... well that's another story, LOL

Grace said...

I called Knit Picks too replacements on the way, meanwhile Master Blocker epoxied what needed to be done
And a very belated but still sincere Happy Birthday

smariek said...

Happy Birthday Georgi! Sounds like you have the perfect day.

I see to be collecting hanks of yarn too, and have been "agonizing" over getting a swift and ball winder. Afraid to wind it by hand as I've heard/seen horror stories.

I called KP about the broken zipper on my KPO bag and they are sending a replacement. Nice customer service, it was a painless process.

rita said...

I've had a swift and ball winder for almost as long as I've been knitting, but they don't attach to anything in the house. Damn thick furniture anyway! So I have to wind everything by hand. I just loop it around my knees.

The flowers are beautiful. I heard that deer won't eat daffodils, so we may try some next year.