Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SNOW and Pictures

It snowed again; my area recieved more than a foot of the powdery white stuff. I am almost positive I will be cleaning out the garage in January so I can park there, but for today I was lucky I did not have to go in as you can see by this picture. The one below is the drift at my back door.I felt very sorry for my poor Di when I let her out this morning

This is a pix of the three small hats I sent to Marilyn last night, they will be okay, but as I said earlier, I will not be knitting with that yarn again. YUCKY!

Well, the Big Ass Wrap was frogged. I hated the way the ends were curling, an since I am using such a bulky yarn for this one, the curl was awful. So I frogged the entire thing (it was more than half done) and restarted the whole thing with a garter stitch edge. This picture below is the start of the new one, I kind of like the way the garter stitch looks at
the bottom edge. I am trying to decide what color to use for the embroidery on either end (very basic) with a few crystal beads. I found a scarf pin to be used with it, though the picture is crummy, it is very cute owl, I think my daughter will like it.
I hope everyone has a happy and productive day!


Aunt Kathy said...

We had snow too but not too much thank God

katerina said...

Working on that productive part, but love the owl!

smariek said...

We don't get snow over here. When I see your photo of all that pristine snow on your car, I have this urge to draw a smiley face on it. :-)