Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have you seen this?
It is about getting rid of 50 things before January 1st; I saw it first on Monniblog and was interested. I saw it the other day on Grace’s blog and decided I could do this. You have to remember, I moved from a BIIIIG house into a small (for me anyway) house so the more stuff I get rid of the better. Before Thanksgiving, we sent an entire box of cups and glassware. I think I am going to start that today.

So here is my list of things going to either the trash or Goodwill tonight-
1. Balancing ball (that has never been used)
2. 3 purses (again, never used)
3. 1 bag of clothing that I hate
4. 10 books that I have read and won’t read again

I guess this is a good start, I will continue to get rid of things as I do not need everything that I have and need to be able to unpack more boxes. It is sad when we have to get rid of more things to be able to put stuff away. I wish I was one of those people who could get rid of everything and do the simple life, but I like having stuff, just not so much of it. One side of me says, get rid of everything, but how can I get rid of my mother’s ugly old capodimonte bowl that she loved so much?

I finished all three hats and packed them away so I could send them to Marilyn. I hope she can use them, I used Lyon Brand Homespun Jiffy yarn and I will never use it again. It was horrible to knit with, the yarn was so nasty, I could not tell what the ribbing was doing, and it took the dry skin off my hands and made it worse. Fortunately, it is so big and bulky that no one else will be able to tell what the ribbing is doing either. :-) Oh well, ugly or not, hopefully it will keep a child’s head warm.


Ilix said...

Intresting idea.... I also wish that I could let go more easily to the material things that I feel that I am DRAGGING with me. So I have to admit that the DH and I have been working on making sure that if we don't need it... NOW it goes. (but we may need it next year if we buy a camper.... does not fly at the moment!)

Anonymous said...

Our family is having our first garage sale EVER this spring... YIKES!!! That is over 20 years of crap... My parents hadn't had one since I was born. Well, better late than never, right? :/ I keep trying to get Mom to sell a few things on eBay, I keep thinking that she'd get a better price.

I agree that after knitting with natural fibers, it is hard to go back to stuff like Homespun and Jiffy.

smariek said...

Go Georgi Go! You can do it!!! {{waving pom poms}} Of course, by the way I count things, you're up to 15 already. :-)

I moved from a larger house to a smaller house too, so have the same challenges. I'm following Monica's example of blog reporting, just to keep me honest. ;-) So far I've got 10 out of 50.

katerina said...

I will cheer you on, but not sure i can take on the challenge myself! You go girl!