Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decluttering, Knitting and DOT

Well, I finally got all the contest stuff mailed off yesterday; I hope everyone likes what they receive. I have been knitting like crazy, my hands and fingers are hurting, in fact they are crying for some nice hot paraffin. I don’t think it is fair that something we like to do should cause pain! Knitting (or whatever your fun thing is) should cause euphoria, not pain.
I got rid of some more stuff, I am bound and determined to meet the deadline, anything that is usable is going to Goodwill, if it isn’t usable it is going in the trash.
10 Old medicines that should not have been
moved (like an old fleets enema from the army, and my husband retired in 1996). BTW, this stuff went into the trash.:-)
11 Books, paperbacks that I am through reading(should I start counting the books separately so I get to the 50 faster? What do you think?)
12 Some old dog toys that were just scraps. Did you ever notice how dogs like to take all of the stufing out of their stuffed animals and leave it trailing all over the house, but still want the scraps that are left??

The big Ass Wrap is coming right along now that I am happier with the ends, I cannot wait to see how it turns out, but I am getting tired of knitting for presents. Christmas day I am back to the sweater I started for me! :-)

This is Di with her current favorite stuffed animal, she has to have one at night just like a little kid. Aren't dogs amazing?

the cats love to drag the yarn all over the house, I would let them have this one (I hate boucle) but I am afraid they would swallow it.


Anonymous said...

My Jake has to have his toys! He must have 20 stuffed and "UnStuffed" animals. He can't wake up Daddy in the morning without a toy in his mouth! I spend more time picking up Jake's toys before I can vacuum than I ever spent picking up my kids toys!!

Rumor has it, Santa has some new toys for Jake this year......

smariek said...

You've reminded me that I have some expired medicines in the medicine cabinet that I can throw out.

I've got 110 7" records to throw out, so I'm pretty confident about meeting my goal of 50. ;-)

monnibo said...

Good job destashing! It's amazing how easy 50 items is, I started counting in groups too. I counted individual books when they were books I wanted to read, but really wasn't going to get around to any time soon. I'd picked them up second hand, and I sent them back into the world via!