Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am still in Hot Springs AR; I will get a wonderful massage and facial tomorrow. Life is slow but enjoyable right now. I dread going back to work, as I will have to jump in with both feet; I am trying not to think about it but. . .

I completed the Silk Garden scarf (picture tomorrow if there is any sun) and will start a hat to match tonight, just cannot decide on the style, beret or beanie cap. I will probably decide by the amount of yarn, which makes sense. lolol I have also started another scarf and getting ready to cast on a pair of socks, when I find the double points I brought with me. I have not figured out how to use the magic loop yet, I keep getting confused, but how can it be so difficult for one person when so many others are able to use it? I think I have a thick head about some things. :-)

DD2 sent me a text message telling me that my cats miss me; she said they woke her up this morning and she was not the least bit happy about it. I told her she could close her bedroom door, but she is a wee bit cranky so she did not like that answer.

We start home on Thursday, and should be there on Saturday. See you in the funny papers!


trek said...

Sounds wondrous!

rita said...

Oh, to be away from home and not have to rush to finish anything!

I couldn't do the Magic Loop until a woman showed me how. It just didn't make any sense. Now it's easy, although I haven't used it in a long time.

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