Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work Can Sometimes Suck

This is not turning out to be such a fun week. Monday was great because we were off for Columbus Day, but it has gone downhill from there. We have been in conferences all week, which is not a horrible thing, but due to the nature of my work, I then have to go back to the office and work, while everyone else gets to go home. I think that sucks, but I guess I will survive and I am going on vacation next week so. . . The good thing is that I manage to get knitting into my day, I am working on a scarf out of Silk Garden and it is very comfy looking.
I am tired, sorry for the short post, but it is off to bed with me.

You Are Most at Home in the Bedroom

You're the type of person who finds sanctuary in your home. Your home is your private space.

While you may be a social person outside the home, it's very rare that you invite people into your home.

There's nothing like spending time alone in your bedroom - relaxing and reflecting about your day.

You truly treasure your time by yourself. You need to be able to recharge every so often in order to thrive.


rita said...

I've got to take that quiz. If the bedroom isn't my most treasured room, the quiz will be lying. I have lived in my bedroom a couple of times when I just couldn't afford to heat the entire apartment. Loved it. Very cozy.

trek said...

Knitting? What is this knitting of which you speak?