Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aging or Ageless?

Did you ever notice how there is always something or someone around to remind you how old you are? Even when you don’t feel your age, something will hit you in the face and remind you. Age has never been a big thing with me, I have never felt that I was the age the calendar told me I was, I normally feel at least 10 years younger than I am and don’t think about my physical age. That is until I go the doctor. I have been searching for a doctor that I feel is competent and I am comfortable with since we moved to Colorado. I think I have finally found her, but. . . . The new patient paperwork I filled out asked how I was on my immunizations, and I haven’t even had a tetanus shot or anything else except for a flu shot since the 1980’s. I told her that I have a flu shot every year, but have not worried about anything else; therefore, we had this entire discussion regarding the immunizations and that I needed them, then she threw in the pneumonia shot. I asked her why I needed it, I said I had not had pneumonia since I was 15, and (you already know what she said don’t you) she said that since I was over 50 I should have one annually. I was a tad upset about that, because I just do not feel 50, or 50-something, or 53 (my calendar age). Here I am happily swinging through my day and get my toe stamped on with a giant 50 being dropped on it. Lololol It is a good thing I am not sensitive, but arbitrary lines irritate me, not just with age, but also with quotas, or limits of any kind. This was my rant for the day. :-)

I am still knitting, though the shot in the wrist yesterday made me want to rethink that. I have three different scarves going, plus three pairs of socks and a sweater. I have quit knitting for extensive periods of time, and I do the exercises, but I have been working 7 days a week so of course the stupid thing is not improving! DUUHH

I have decided I want a cape for fall and early spring, I have been freezing to death lately and I think a cape would handle that. Does anyone have suggestions about patterns???

BTW, it is supposed to snow here this weekend, tomorrow’s high is forecast at 42F.

Have a good day and be productive.

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rita said...

I had a pneumonia shot a couple of years ago because I had pneumonia about 8 years ago and I do not EVER want to feel like that again! My allergist, however, said it's the only one that I have to take.

I had a tetanus shot about 10-12 years ago because they were given free at the county fair. Took the nieces and nephews to ride, then their mom and I got the shots.

As for anything else, I haven't had anything but a flu shot in ages.

And I don't feel 57. Some mornings I feel MUCH older.