Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This and That

I am looking at my blog and seeing that it is still looking summery and beachy, while the weather outside is turning into fall. While I love the way the light looks in the fall, I am not ready for it this year, which is odd since it is normally my favorite season. I hate taking down the beach theme of the blog and changing to fall/winter, it seems like it should still be summer. I remember starting school after Labor Day in CA and it would still be 90 degrees outside, way too hot to put on school clothes and sit in a un-air conditioned classroom. I guess it is inevitable, summer turns to fall, and in different parts of the country (world) it changes earlier than others do. Or should I just blame it on El Nino??

Look at the cool knitting organizer I bought from thesweetcushion at Etsy. She was very responsive, gave me a choice of fabrics, and had it to me very quickly. I love it and it is a great way to organize circular needles, which I have a ton of. The size goes from 1 to 19 and the little pocket on top hold little gadgets. You will note of course that while it is hanging on the wall, it does not appear to have any needles in it; there are, but they are all in the bigger sizes and I could not get them all in the picture.
I am supposed to be working, but I know how long it has been since I made that last sad post. I have been knitting even though “they” say it is a bad thing. Nevertheless, I need the comfort knitting gives me (when I don’t have to work) I worked 7 days last week and it looks like I will this week, so I figure the knitting is not going to make much of a difference.
Have a great day!


rita said...

No--say it isn't so!!! It will not be fall. I am not ready. But then I'm never ready for fall/winter. Hate it.

Great needle holder. Maybe when I have a room where I can organize my knitting paraphernalia I can finally get one. Right now I knit in the living room and don't have a good place to store things.

trek said...

I am not psychologically ready for fall either. Our kids went back to school before Labor Day and I just wasn't ready for summer to end.

On the other hand, the temps at night are now dropping to the low 60s consistently and the daylight temps are also dropping. Guess it really is time for back to school :o(

marisa said...

I just saw this! I still love "organized at last" as my all time favorite saying for those needle holders :)
Marisa (thesweetCushion :) )