Monday, September 21, 2009


It is cold here today, so whether I am ready or not, fall is here. Rainy and cold, 50 degrees at noon. And lucky DD2 has the flu; they told us at the doctor’s office that when they test for flu, they are no longer trying to differentiate between the regular flu and swine flu unless the patient ends up in the hospital. Evidently, the swine flu is so prevalent, they have given up. That is somewhat scary, with all the talk about the pandemic etc.

I finished the blanket, and it is cute, picture tomorrow when it is dry. I am working on a lacy one-row scarf that I started in June; it is lightweight so it doesn’t hurt to hold it and knit.

I have nothing else for now, working 7 days a week is a real drain on my brain (I am a poet who didn’t know it). lolol


Timiae said...

It's getting cooler here as well, but still hot mid-day. It's been raining for a week now and is supposed to continue on for another one... since when does Georgia have a monsoon season?!

Can't wait to see the blanket.

Cin said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon. My daughter, who is 6 months pregnant ended up in the hospital a couple weeks ago with the flu. Not a fun time. They also do not test here anymore. They did say that if you have the flu now, it is most likely H1N1 because it is not flu season yet.