Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday

I have been so sleepy; Di has not been sleeping well, which means that I am not sleeping well (but more on that tomorrow.) Since today is Wednesday, I want to tell you about Jill, our skinny cat, who has a face like Snagglepuss, except she is considered blue (gray) and not pink. She likes to play with the bottle caps from our water bottles, if she sees one sitting on the counter or on an end table, she will get it and carry it in her mouth like a dog to where she wants to play. Jill can bat a single bottle cap around the house for hours without getting bored, she is more likely to knock it somewhere that she can’t get to (under the closet door, under the stove, behind the washer) rather than grow bored. And if one of the other cats wants to get in on the fun, Jill will pick up her cap and carry it away so they can’t. In our last house we pulled the stove out to replace the floor and found hundreds of the darn things sitting there gathering dust. The other day I opened the front closet to get a pair of shoes, found a zillion more bottle caps, that I, like a responsible adult, picked up, and put in the recycling bin. Of course the slug daughter thinks it is terribly funny, so she doesn’t bend over to pick up a single one (or anything else) lololol.

Bottle caps are not Jill’s only fun pastime; she also likes to beat up Lola, our Chihuahua. Lola can be sleeping soundly (normally under the blankets) and Jill will slink over to her and thwap Lola with her paw. She can do a repeat thwap so fast my mouth drops open, it’s almost like watching a cartoon character. I guess she likes the noise it makes, because she will do it continuously until Lola gets up and chases her (they have a love hate relationship, Jill likes to thwap Lola and Lola hates to be thwapped.) Jill does this in the middles of the night to, so whoever is in bed with them gets to wake up to the sound of cat paw against dog head, which is truly hilarious, because I thought it was the dog who was supposed to hate the cats.

I truly love my pets, they get me through the day (thought not so much the night).

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Have a great day!


Timiae said...

Aren't pets a blessing? I love animals and can't imagine life without a bunch of critters running around and causing trouble.

Aunt Kathy said...

I love watchung the simple things that entertain the pets. lol

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Our Cat Precious is a hymalian /persian she is at the groomers today will post pictures of her tomorrow shaved;)Hugs Darcy

vickie said...

i was so laughing when i read that thwap thwap !! lol lol my cats do that to me in the morning when they want food lol