Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snow and Knitting

This is my view from the back deck. It snowed all day Friday and most of Saturday, big wet heavy snow that would have melted fast if it had not frozen over again during the night. Di played slip and slide when I took her out this morning, but she loved it yesterday. We went out for a walk after the snow/ice/rain stopped to get both of us some exercise and the dogs, too. It was wonderful, there was no wind and the sidewalks were relatively dry. Di had a wonderful time sniffing through the snow. Poor loopy Lola was not so happy, she kept try to leap into DD2’s footsteps so she would not have to plow through the snow when we went to the field. It was funny, but pitiful, poor prissy doggy did not want to get her feet wet.

They closed my office Friday morning, which was great, I sat and watched movies and knit all the rest of the day.

I am still working on two different socks, the plain vanilla ones I originally started out of the yarn that was a mess, and the pair from the mystery yarn ball swap (MYBS). Since the plain vanilla ones were already on the #2 dpns, I went and purchased another pair to start the MYBS pair. I did not like them, they are bamboo and only 5 inches long, but I wanted to get started so I got them and cast on. It was amazing, it is so much easier to knit with the shorter dpns, they don’t catch each other and they don’t get in the way. I did not thing that an inch or two in length would make this much of a difference, but I am finding them to be much nicer to work with. Once I finally figure out how magic loop knitting works I will probably prefer that, but for some reason I just cannot get my mind around how it works. I guess this will require a class as I have taken the tutorials I find on the Internet and still don't get it..

What is your favorite length or method for knitting socks?

I am hosting a conference for work this week and I hate it. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of the things I have forgotten or still need to be done. It started as 30 people and has grown to 90; thank God someone is helping me. However there are presentations that she cannot prepare that I am stuck with and I hate that. I hate using PowerPoint, but I am glad I at least know how to use it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend with lots of time for knitting.


Sadie said...

My 8y/o wanted me to tell you that she thinks Di is a gorgeous doggie!

smariek said...

Snow! Wow, I can't even think of snow right now as I'm in a little heat wave over here. Tomorrow's forecast is 94!

Good luck with the conference, it sounds like a lot of work. Find a nice way to pamper/reward yourself at the end of the week.

I've discovered that I like knitting socks with 5" needles. Before trying them, I was afraid they'd be too short and that stitches would fall off. That never happened, the stitches remained happily situated on the needles.

trek said...

I like 5½" to 6" when I use dpns for socks. I also like 24" circs when using the two circ method. When doing magic loop, I prefer a 40" needle - I just find the 32" length to be a wee bit too short.

For magic looping, I just remember that it is the same as two circs except with "ears" at each side!

rita said...

SNOW???? Egads.

I like my 8" dpns, bamboo, for knitting socks. I've had to replace them because I'm hard on them. I have some 4" and some 6", but I end up dropping stitches when I use them. I've managed to drop stitches with the long ones, too.

It took a visit to my LYS to figure out how to magic loop. I loved it for a while, but I went back to my dpns. Which I hate with a passion, but what am I gonna do.

vickie said...

in bakersfield we say whats snow lol it snows,like maybe once every 10-14 years and sticks. i like to knit with dpn and i have only done one sock and it is ankle length

Erytanthes said...

I definitely prefer the 6 inch length of some other bamboo dpns for smaller work. Unfortunately those shorter needles were pretty cheap and when working with them, I can definitely tell. Because of that I'm usually on my 7 inch clover bamboo dpns. I have a few knit picks harmonies that I really like the feel of too, but at 8 inches they're a little awkward.

I'd really like to try some 5 in needles though!

MLJ1954 said...

My favorite length needles for knitting socks . . . hmmmm, I would need to finish them. I have, actually, several pairs on several lengths.