Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Many Blogs

You know, almost every time I read a blog, there is a link to another blog that is great also. I love reading them, but somehow the list of blogs that I like to read has gotten way out of control. Even if I do not read them every day (because sooo many people don’t post everyday) the time I spend reading blogs is seriously cutting into life. How do I pare the list down? I love most of the blogs on my list (and no, they are not just the ones listed here, I also have a list in my Google account documents). At this point, I could spend my entire day reading blogs and not getting anything done (and that is not good since I have a full time job). Please tell me how you decide which blogs to read and which ones to disregard.

On the knitting front, still working on DD2’s adapted Dr. Who scarf, we added another color to the mix last night, it is called mustard, but it is a pretty color and I like how it mixes with the other colors. Also working on the black scarf for DD1, and I am starting her fingerless mitts tonight or tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!


leah said...

I had the same problem. What I did was stopped going through the list and stopped and thought about which people I wanted to check in with! If I couldn't remember the blog without the list, then it shouldn't be on the list. Does that make sense? Also I realized that some blogs had lost their appeal and I was just reading them and didn't really enjoy them, so off the list they go...sometimes to be rediscovered, but other times not.

Renna said...

I could have written that post myself; in fact, I have written it many times in my head!

I have the exact same problem as you. I was thinking to myself just a few minutes ago, "how on earth do so many women manage to blog everyday, respond to all the comments they get, get things knit, keep their houses clean, and nurture their families?". I don't even work outside the home, and I don't come close to getting all that done. I've tried and tried to pare down my blog reading list, but it's so hard to decide who to let go. :-o

Aunt Kathy said...

You know I just let God lead me. If I have the time I visit more, other days sometimes the title draws me in, or I notice I see someone blogging that I haven't heard from in awhile.

If I do visit I try to leave a short comment, or more if God leads me to do that too.

Blogging and blog reading is supposed to be fun and not a JOB, lol. I know you will find a happy medium.

monnibo said...

I sorted my lists... So I have "faves" and then "knitters" and "books" and "funny" and... um well I have a lot of categories! And depending on my time or mood, I look at a category. ALSO skimming helps! hahah.

Marissa said...

I'm up to 300+ blogs in google reader! I just can't cut anybody of, even when they get 'slow'. So here's what I do...I give myself an hour a day, in spurts-because I never have a whole hour to do any one thing, and skim, skim, skim. I only leave comments on a handful, or if I can't help myself!! Hope that helps!

Sandra said...

I've pared it down lately. I can't spend as much time as I'd like to, especially since I often read while at work (while reports are running, or lunch), and it was cutting into to much of my life. I read a few of the "bigger name" blogs, but really, I try to read the ones that have become personal to me. Some I've come back to after a hiatus, but not always.

rita said...

I have the same problem. I don't have time every day to write in my blog, but I can usually look at one of two the blogs on my list. I try to comment on every one I go to, but there isn't always time.

I have a handful that I try to check in on regularly (yours is one, but I tend to forget if it isn't right in front of my nose all the time, and I have different ones saved on my laptop at home), and others that I check in on when I can. Some I might not read for months (the big name ones) then catch up on them as I have time. I hate to even turn on the laptop when I'm at home, because, like you, I get drawn into spending too much time in blogland. And now facebook! At least I'm not like my sister, spending hours on there; I usually check in, see who's saying what, comment on some, and get the hell out of there!

I haven't begun to listen to podcast because 1) I don't have a "pod" to listen to it on and 2) it would take so much more of my time. I'm catching up on some tv shows that I like since I discovered that they're available free online, and even that takes away valuable time, but at least I can knit through those.

*stops to run off copies that are piling up*

katerina said...

The ones I really really love or really really want to make sure I check in on I have RSS feeds on, and I check my bloglines when I have time, and that way I know who I've read and haven't read and them can keep up with them.
The others that I enjoy, but don't check all the time, I have in list that I puruse when I have extra play-time.
I have the same issue with my podcasts as well, and listen to them on my way to work, back home, in the grocery store, while cleaning etc. etc. Sometimes I even have my headphones in while watching TV, and I mute the commercials, listen to them, and then flip the TV back on when the show starts again - But I'm a mulit-takser anyway ;)