Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I was perusing the number of posts I did this month and notice that I have only posted 12 times out of 24. Not good. . . However, is it better to post to say I have nothing, or I don’t feel like typing or to just not post? Some people come up with great blog fodder every single day, but I just am not able to, though I envy those who do.

I have completed all of the knitting for the little medicine bags and they are stitched together. I just have to sew the buttons on and put notes in them and they will be ready to mail, I will post the pix tomorrow as I hope to have the buttons on tonight.

I completed two inches
on the traveling charity baby blanket, I should be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow night and mail it out to the next person on the list. I think once it is completed it will be very cute and make some baby very happy I just have to think up a gift for the rest of the knitters on the list. Any suggestions?


Aunt Kathy said...

I sometimes stress over having something to blog about, I wish I could just let it go for a day, but I can't. {{sigh}}

Sue said...

Good choices. Does it travel all around the country or just in your area?

rita said...

Most of the time I don't have anything to say but write anyway. Today I have plenty to say but I don't have the energy to type it.

A dilemma, no?