Sunday, November 15, 2009

Actual Knitting Picture

I finally took a picture that is knitting related!! Here is the picture of the scarf that my cats like so much, it is the Yarn Harlots one row scarf using Noro Silk Garden, sorry it is so dark, we haven’t had sun for a few days. I like it and hope my daughter will also, though it hasn’t yet gotten really cold in IA/IL so we will see. I am getting ready to start a beret to match, I purchased this yarn intending to make me a sweater, but I am not sure I would want a sweater out of this color. Have you ever purchased yarn intending to use it for a purpose and then a year later couldn’t imagine what you were thinking?? As you can see by the pix below, we received a lot more snow than was predicted, it was originally predicted to be one or two inches. Right now it is 25F (the low tonight will be 15F) and still snowing lightly, I hope it stops soon; I have a lot to do tomorrow

Winter wonderland out my backdoor.

This is a snow cake on my patio table lolol


vickie said...

now all you need is maple syrup and you can have snow candy

trek said...

The scarf looks just lovely. Brilliant colors!

Sorry about the early snows.

rita said...

I love that yarn!!! And yes, I'd make a sweater out of it if I could stand to wear sweaters....I have a beautiful silk/merino sweater that I never finished because I can't stand sweaters anymore; I think I'll frog it and use it for hats and scarves.


N. Maria said...

Oh, I love the snow! Well, so I can stay inside and knit or do any other fiber related project!
I love the colors in your scarf....just beautiful.