Saturday, November 21, 2009

I thought this was appropriate as I just saw New Moon and loved it!

You Should Date a Vampire

You're attracted to intense, complicated people. You think danger is sexy.

You're willing to risk your heart (or even your neck) if it means you get to be with a super hot, super powerful vampire.

You think that there's a fine line between pain and pleasure. And you're certainly willing to learn exactly where that line is.

You think there's nothing hotter than a vampire falling for you. You're honored to be chosen by such an experienced and wise creature.


Toni said...

LOL! Dating a vampire is so contrary to my image of you....or actually anyone I know, actually.....

I left an award for you over on my knitting blog!

rita said...

Ha!!! After watching that movie on the big screen, I'd be all up for a vamp, except all that can't-go-out-in-the-sun thing.

smariek said...

Guess I shouldn't date a vampire.