Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesday

What says Halloween more than a black cat ruling the roost?

All three of our cats are on a diet, so they will not be trick or treating this year, Onyx has a problem with her knee cap slipping (I thought she had an inner ear infection she was sooooo clumsy). When I took her to the vet about how clumsy she was, the vet said she had to lose weight or her knee would give out totally (she weighed 14 pounds, nothing compared to Jack’s 22 pounds), so all three cats had to go on the diet (especially since Jack was the fattest and the laziest.) They have been complaining vociferously, letting us know that they are not getting enough to eat. The three cats now share a can of cat food every morning (mixed with chondroiton/glucosamine) and then they get 1 cup of dry food in the evening (so they let me sleep). The diet is working though, Jack, the fattest of the three of them has lost the most, and he now likes to play again. Onyx is still being pissy about it and has lost the least. Jill now looks great and does not need to lose any more, so I have to make sure she gets to eat first every morning or Onyx would eat it all and poor Jill would wither away. Why isn’t it as easy to put myself on a diet as it has been for the cats?

Happy Halloween


Sandra said...

I think I'd finally lose the weight if someone made and rationed out my food for me (and cleaned up afterwards, but that's another issue...) It's hard for me to police myself.

Toni said...

I think it's because cats don't get pizza and chocolate. :)

smariek said...

Portion control is hard to manage when I'm the one doling it out. But I'd starve it DH managed the food portions!

Anonymous said...

I had a car once that had a broken knee cap. The vet thinks an animal picked her up and shook her. She also had a puncture wound in her head and under her chin. She survived though and hopped around when it bothered her. She died of old old age peacefully in the parlor in a warm spot.

I love that your picture is of your cat on your counter WITHOUT cleanning off the counter! Definitely what my counters look like.

Timiae said...

Much easier to make someone else diet than yourself... you don't get to feel their cravings/hunger! One of my rats is supposed to be on a diet (Squishy has lived up to his name very well), but it's so hard for me to do... he's such a beggar and is so cute when he uses his little hands to eat! You're doing better at kitty diets than I'm doing at the rat one.