Monday, October 20, 2008

Blah, blah, blah

Do you know how some days you just can't feel it? Not blogging, not reading, not housecleaning? That's where I am at right now.
But at least I am knitting more often, it has gotten to the point that I feel guilty if I sit down to watch a TV show and do not have knitting in my hand. I am working on a ski-type cap for Socks for Soldiers and a dish cloth that is almost done.

A few posts back I stated that the best recipe I had tried recently was Grace's Skillet Supper and a few people have asked for the recipe. I found it on Grace's blog here. My family loved it and when I asked them if it was a keeper, they said most definitely.

I finally finished the dishcloth for my swap partner, I found it here and while mine does not look as good as Marie’s does, I think it is okay and I enjoyed knitting it while my daughter prepared the kitchen for the new countertops (which was a really crappy job to). Here is a picture of the one I did. . .

I also bought her some very cute stitch markers, however my pictures of them really suck.There is avery cute little black cat, a headstone, a scary ghost and a pumpkin with a spider web on it. I got them on Etsy from Scary Merry I got a set of Starbucks frappcino markers for myself. She pays a great deal of attention to the details and they are well worth the price. :-)

Can you tell which of the pictures in this post I took myself?? I wish someone would tell me what is wrong with my pictures, what am I doing wrong?


leah said...

Adorable stitch markers!!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love scarry merry's knitting accessories i had her make me a knitting bracelet I wear it alot:)hugs Darcy

smariek said...

That Starbucks frap is too cute!

Let me know when you figure out the photo thing. I have the same problems taking pictures too.

I feel like time is wasted when I don't have some mindless knitting to work on while watching TV.