Monday, October 6, 2008

New Yarn

I ordered some yarn from Elann and received the box last week,
they ship much faster than I expected. I got some fun yarn, some serious stuff and a couple just to try (that I am not sure I like) but I cannot wait to start knitting. Look at the great colors. I was hoping you would be able to read the lables, however, the light sucks in this house, we are still changing out fixtures. and I am a crappy phtographer, but I am practicing. :-) The first one is called Highland Bulky and it is very soft and will make a wonderful hat and scarf combo or a sweater.

This is a heather color, Highland Chunky, soft and poufy. Of course I like it, so I only ordered 3 skeins of it.

This is Cotton Joy by Needful Yarns and I love the color, but I am not sure if I like the yarn, which is sad since I bought a lot of it.
Koala is Italian and is very soft, a blend of wool and alpaca; I love the color.

The yarn below is called Bamboo Fusion, a blend of bamboo, cotton, and a touch of acrylic (this will help the garment keep its shape, you know how stretched out cotton can become).How in the world did I manage to get one great picture when the rest are so bad??


"Skipper" said...

I LOVE .... shipping is always quick, the service is wonderful, prices are amazing ... and the yarn is loverly, of course! (Gee, d'ya think they should hire me to advertise for them?) :-)

smariek said...

... and the addiction begins ! lol. Don't ask me how many $50 credits I've earned from them...